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   Born in Ireland, author Jonathan Swift wrote a number of stories and treatises with themes that many believe offer great contrast. In Jonathan Swift’s beloved tale Gulliver’s Travels, the protagonist Lemuel Gulliver travels to a number of fantasy lands, and spends extended periods of time getting to know the members of the societies he visits. In a far less fairy tale like work entitled "A Modest Proposal," Swift presents his society with a solution to the thorny question of the staggering poverty and overpopulation among the lower classes of Ireland. His solution, in a nutshell, is to actually pay poverty-stricken Irish parents to raise their children for the culinary table, much in the same way that farmers raise sheep or cattle for the express purpose of having them butchered for meat. Of course, an idea this profound is studied quite closely in classrooms around the world today. But students struggling to understand the works of this great British author no longer need to endure their struggle in vain! This site contains dozens of examples of essays and papers explicating the author's most famous works! Download one or more of our reports and use them as examples to cite in your own! FREE excerpts are available from ANY of our essays on request!

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